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3 Step Flat Brush Blowout

Need an easy way to smooth out that freshly washed mane? Continue reading to learn how to create a simple, smooth finish in just a few steps.

Step 1: Prep

Use a detangling spray (like 2-Phase Spray) to moisturize, protect from heat damage, and smooth strands.

Apply your favorite styling aid throughout roots to ends on damp hair. I like Straight Cream for a smooth, shiny finish. You could also use Blowout Gelée or Soft Mousse if you need some volume or hold. Use clips to section off the top and crown areas. Leave the sides and back down.

Step 2: Dry

Use the concentrator attachment on your blow dryer to direct the air flow along with the brush. Utilizing a flat brush will help to keep hair detangled and make for an easier drying process. Brush in a downward motion and work from bottom to top. Dry the sides first and then top/front section. Then dry the back and save the crown section for last.

Step 3: Finish

Use the cold air button on your blow drier to give your hair a final blast of cool air. This will seal the cuticle and add shine. For an extra shiny finish, apply a small amount of lightweight oil (like Satin Oil) to the ends, and ta-da! You're ready to take on the day!

Need a private blowout lesson? Follow the link below and book an appointment for "Blowout" and I'll walk you through what products and tools are best for your hair. See you at the suite!


Rachel Rose

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