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Are you washing your hair properly?

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Not everyone washes their hair in the most effective way, do you?

Ahhh....the feeling of freshly washed hair is like nothing else! Here are some tips on how to cleanse and condition properly.

Remember, shampoo is meant to cleanse your scalp, and conditioner is made to condition the ends.

Use a quarter size amount of shampoo and massage it all over your scalp using your fingertips (don't scratch with your nails!). If it doesn't suds up enough for you, add water to your hair before you add more shampoo. If needed, rinse and repeat.

Wring some of the water out of your hair before applying conditioner. Split your hair into two pigtails and add conditioner from the mid lengths to the ends on each section. Keep a wide tooth comb in your shower to comb the product through for even saturation. Let that sit for a few minutes and then rinse well. Extra points if you turn the temp down and rinse with cool water. This will close the cuticle and give more shine!

Stock up on a few micro-fiber hair turbans to wrap up your hair in when finished. This will help absorb water, making drying time faster!

Once a week, use an exfoliating shampoo to treat your scalp, and a deep conditioning mask to nourish the ends. Ideally, you should be washing your hair 1-4 times a week. Any more than that and your sebaceous glands will become overactive, which causes oily/greasy hair...not a good look.

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Take care of your hair :)


Rachel Rose

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