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How to Keep Hair Healthy and Beautiful between Salon Visits

Keep that salon fresh feeling weeks after your visit with these tips.

You come to the suite, get your color refreshed, ends trimmed and tresses treated. And your hair feels fresh and beautiful! Now, how can you make that feeling last?

-Brush your hair before bed and pull into a loose bun with a soft hair tie. This will distribute natural oils, stimulate blood flow to the scalp and prevent bedhead.

-Wait a couple of days after your color service to shampoo. Your cuticle needs to rest to ensure lasting color and healthy strands. And you want to make blowout last as long as you can, right?

-Use dry shampoo regularly. This stuff is a game changer. Find your favorite (mine is Keune's Stlye Dry Shampoo) and keep it stocked. Spray on roots to absorb impurities and refresh your style.

-Do a deep conditioning mask weekly. Find a mask that is best suited for your hair type (I use Keratin Smoothing Mask for my frizzy hair) and let your strands soak up all the goodness weekly. Read more about masks HERE.

-Protect your hair from heat damage and color fading with styling products. Almost every styling product at the suite offers heat protection from hot tools. This will keep your color from fading and ends from fraying between salon visits.

-Stay healthy! Exercise, eat right, and drink lots of water. This is good advice in general, but your health does impact how your hair looks and feels. So stay healthy and keep looking beautiful my friends!

Ask me for tips for your hair care concerns at your next visit to the suite.

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Take care of your hair :)


Rachel Rose

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