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Cocktails, anyone?

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Mix it up! Product cocktails for styling perfection.

Seriously, I do love a good cocktail...the perfect blend of titos, tonic and lime gives me all the feels. But I do refer to mixing up hair care products as a "cocktail" as well. Sometimes two (or three) styling aids are better than 1 to get you to your style goals. Here are some of my favorite product cocktails...

Straight Cream + Keratin Smoothing Serum + Keratin Silkening Polish

This combo is great for wavy or curly hair to get a smooth, straight blowout. Apply Straight Cream and Keratin Smoothing Serum to damp hair before blowdrying and when it's all done, use a drop of Keratin Silkening Polish to take flyaways.

2-Phase Spray + Curl Cream

For a natural curly look, apply 2-Phase Spray from roots to ends, then apply curl cream all over. Let hair air dry, or use a diffuser to dry. Refresh your curls the next day with a spritz of 2-Phase Spray.

Blowout Gelée + Satin Oil Treatment

For a blowout with hold and shine, apply Blowout Gelée from root to ends and then a just a couple drops (more if you have thick/long hair) of Satin Oil Treatment before blowdrying. Anytime your ends feel a little dry, use a drop of Satin Oil Treatment to add more shine and moisture.

Absolute Volume Mousse + Dry Texture Spray

To get the volume you've always wanted, use Absolute Volume Mousse all over to add body and softness. Once you're done styling, finish with Dry Texture Spray for additional volume and to create texture.

2-Phase Spray + Dry Shampoo

For those who don't like to use products, try this combo. Apply 2-Phase spray all over and style as usual. It will feel invisible in your hair. Then finish by spraying dry shampoo throughout your roots. This will absorb any oils that may be produced and extend the life of your blowout.

Ask for a personalized product recommendation on your next visit to the suite. Let's mix up something just for you! Book online 24/7 at

Take care of your hair :)

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