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Easy Breezy Waves

Get your curling wand ready! Here's how to create waves for days...


-Section for success! Before you start curling, section off the top and crown areas of your hair. This will make the process easier and more manageable.

-Spray each section with a brush-able hairspray (like Freestyle Spray) before AND after you curl. Layering hairspray gives a longer lasting hold.

-Start curling the sides and back first. Make sure to curl away from your face. Then curl the crown section next, and finish with the top section.

-Let the curls cool for a 2-3 minutes to set the style. Loosen the curls into waves by running your fingers throughout and giving a little tousle.

-Finish with a texture spray (like Dry Texturizer) for separation and instant volume!


Take care of your hair!


Rachel Rose

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