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How to Cover Roots between Color Appointments

Need a little touch-up before your next visit to the salon? I've got you covered...

When you just can't make it into the salon and you NEED to color your roots, don't go to the grocery store and get box color!! You're better than that, friend. Opt for an easy wash out option instead! Here are some products from Style Edit that you can use to cover your roots before your next color appointment.

Root Concealer Touch-Up Spray: Spray away grays with color options ranging from black to auburn. The colors blend nicely and the spray covers roots in seconds, dries fast and does not flake. Just spray on the part line and crown where the hair tends to split. When spraying hairline, hold a tissue on your face to avoid getting color on your skin.

Blonde Perfection Touch-Up Spray: Very similar to the option listed above, except this spray is for my blondies. Ranging from dark blonde to light blonde this spray will camouflage your roots to blend with your lightened hair. It is easy to apply and stays in place until its washed out.

Root Cover Up Detailing Stick: Use this option for more control, or if you don't have many grays to cover. Simply color the roots (it's kind of like a marker) and blend into the hair with the sponge tip on the other side of the stick. This one is great for covering roots around the hairline. It dries instantly, shampoos out and comes in color ranging from black to light brown.

Remember...These options are not meant to be slept in. So if you happen to wear these to bed, make sure you use an old pillowcase. Root concealers are meant to stay in place and not run, but will rub off and transfer color if touched frequently.

For a limited time....Style Edit products are available to ship direct to you! Send me a message HERE with an order, and I'll send some your way. Pricing and color options listed below...

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