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How to Diffuse Dry Curly or Wavy Hair

Embrace your natural texture and dry your strands with the diffuser attachment on your blowdryer.

Step 1:

Generously apply curl cream and styling mousse to wet hair. These are the styling aids that work best for my wavy hair, use what works best for your unique texture.

Step 2:

Start drying the ends of your hair first. Scrunch or twist the hair into the diffuser attachment. Once the ends are mostly dry, start drying the roots and lengths. Tilt your head so you can hold the diffuser closer to your scalp. To get the roots dry on the top and front, flip your head over. Make sure to get the roots in the back as well. Feel your hair all over the ensure that the hair is 100% dry before moving to the next step.

Step 3:

If necessary, enhance some of the waves/curls with a curling iron. I like to use a 1 inch barrel for a tighter finish, and twist the section while curling to give more of an organic texture.

Step 4:

Use your fingers to separate the curls. And a polishing cream or oil to add moisture and shine to your finished look.

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Rachel Rose

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