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5 Steps to a Perfect Blow Out

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Get a salon worthy style at home.

Winter is a great time to practice your skills with the blow drier. Remember, with great hair comes great care! Take the time to perfect your blow out, and get better results each time. Your hair will be shiny, bouncy and beautiful!

1. Get the Tools

Pull out your blow dryer, some clips for sectioning, a great brush and your favorite curling or flat iron. Finding the right brush for you will make everything easier. One with a ceramic barrel will give even heat distribution and tourmaline bristles will help the brush glide through the hair more easily.

If your hair is curly and you're looking for a sleek style, choose a large round brush or a paddle brush. If you’re looking for extra volume, choose a medium to small round brush. The smaller the barrel, the more curl you'll get. Also look for a brush with a comfortable grip on the handle.

2. Prep It

Cocktails anyone? Prep your hair with the right products for a healthy, beautiful results. Mix up your own product cocktail that addresses your hair care needs and apply to damp hair. Everyone needs protection from heat damage with a thermal cream or spray. Maybe you want extra volume and shine? Try a mousse or thickening spray. If you need smoothing, try a serum or an oil for added shine and less frizz.

Make sure to apply products evenly through towel dried hair. Ask for your personalized product recommendation from the Keune Care Line at your next visit to the salon.

3. Section Away

Use your sectioning clips and clip up the top portion of your hair from the hairline to the crown. Make it into a cute little bun so that its totally out of the way from the rest of your hair. While you're blow drying, you'll want to make sure the section that is clipped up doesn't fall down and get in the way of the section you're drying.

Next, clip each side section up and out of the way. Split the back section in half down the middle and clip away.

4. Go for It

Start at the bottom and work your way up! Take down one section at a time and take a smaller section from that to start blow drying. Make sure to keep the sub sections about the same size as the barrel of your brush. Wrap the hair around the brush and direct the air flow over the brush and down the hair shaft. Moving the dryer back and forth will cause frizz and only make your arm tired faster. So, hold the dryer steady and then move it along with the brush.

Once you've dried the bottom back sections, move on to the sides, and then finish with the top. Turn on the cool shot option on your dryer and flow the cool air through your hair to seal the cuticle and add shine.

5. Finishing

If you are happy with your work, good job! Add some finishing polish or hair spray to set the style. If you want a little something extra grab your favorite hot tool and seal the deal. When finishing with a hot tool, section your hair like you did for the blowout and use a comb to smooth each section before styling.

For a sleek polished look, use a flat iron. If you’re looking for a bit of a bounce use a 2" or 1 1/2" barrel curling iron. A curly or wavy style can be achieved with a 1 1/4" or a 1” barrel curling iron. Use a flexible hair spray before and after applying heat to each section for extra hold.

Try this at home and enjoy the beautiful results! If you have a hard time getting it right, keep trying! Practice makes perfect. Or, schedule a blowout at the salon and I'll run you through the process one on one. Click here to book online 24/7.

Remember...Cold winter air can make your hair dry, dull and in need of extra moisture. Leave your daily conditioner in your hair for a few minutes before rinsing, and use a deep conditioner once a week for added hydration. Take care of your hair!


Rachel Rose

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