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Spring 2019 Hair Trends

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Wondering what's going to be hot this spring? I've got you covered! Here's what's trending for hair cuts, styles and color.

Hair Cuts

Bobs and bangs are both in full swing this year. Go for a sharp, blunt jaw or chin length bob for something dramatic. Choose your length based on your face shape and hair texture. If you're not ready for a big chop, the long, lived-in bob is another hot item. It's layers are cut internally for a low maintenance, carefree look. Add bangs to any haircut if you're looking for a something different but are already happy with your length.

For my long hair ladies, add wispy layers for an airy update to your cut. These long layers will add movement without taking out the fullness of your long hair. Or try a curtain fringe and change up the face frame of your haircut for a low maintenance bang - without going for a full on bang. It's easy to style (carefree and flowy is the name of the game!) and will grow out gracefully over the summer.


Get out your flat iron, super straight styles are slick this spring! Make sure to keep hair healthy by using heat protection styling products, like Keune’s Absolutle Volume Thermal Protector, before drying and straightening. Add a glossy shine with a lightweight oil, like Keune’s Satin Oil Treatment, or a smoothing serum, like Keune’s Keratin Smooth Serum, to finish the look. (I also recommend embracing your natural texture, whatever the trends!)

Modern top-knots are undone and oh so cool. The trick to the perfectly imperfect bun is to tie your hair into a ponytail before twisting it into a bun, so the ends remain loose and messy. For added texture spritz a finishing spray, like Keune’s Press Wax, all over.


Natural hair color is not going anywhere...if you know me, you know I'm happy about that! I love creating sun kissed, healthy, beautiful hair color. Choose a statement-making tone that will make your eye color pop and compliment your skin tone perfectly. Think creamy blondes, metallic brunettes and rich warm reds. Spring is a great time to try something fresh and new!

Book your spring cut and color appointment online here. Take care of your hair!


Rachel Rose

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