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Mother's Day Special with Rachel's and Roielte Aesetics

Updated: May 1

Glow up and shine on this Mother's Day with Rachel's Hair Salon and Roielte Aesetics! We are teaming up to offer a Scalp Revival + Blowout with yours truly and a Carboxytherapy Facial with my friend Ashley here at the suites. (Check out her site here!) This collab is available by appointment only on Saturday 5/18/24. Contact the salon to schedule your visit! Let me tell you what it's all about...

We'll start off with a relaxing shampoo to gently cleanse and exfoliate your scalp. The scalp is the foundation of healthy hair growth. Just as fertile soil is essential for flourishing plants, a well-nourished scalp creates the ideal environment for hair follicles to thrive. Then indulge in an extended scalp massage and personalized hair mask.

Scalp massages are not only indulgent but also therapeutic. By stimulating blood circulation to the scalp, massages promote the delivery of essential nutrients to hair follicles, encouraging growth and strengthening the hair shaft. Additionally, scalp massages can relieve tension, reduce stress levels, and even improve sleep quality. Incorporating a few minutes of scalp massage into your routine can make a world of difference in the health and vitality of your hair.

Now for the Carboxytherapy Facial....

Ashley @injectorashleyclint will apply this next-level skincare solution that offers remarkable benefits. First, the skin is cleansed to remove any impurities and make-up residue.This is followed by a gentle peeling mask that infuses carbon dioxide gas into the skin, triggering a cascade of rejuvenating effects. By increasing blood flow and stimulating collagen production, carboxytherapy improves fine lines, elasticity, and wrinkles. Your skin will be glowing!

I'll finish up your session with a blowout and style so you'll be ready for the rest of the weekend :)

Treat yourself by prioritizing scalp health and skin care. Indulge in soothing scalp massages, and incorporate advanced skincare treatments such as carboxytherapy facials into your beauty routine. Remember, beauty is not just skin deep—it begins with nurturing the foundation of your hair and skin for lasting vitality and luminosity.

Call or text Rachel's Hair Salon to book your visit for Saturday 5/18/24.



Rachel Rose

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